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Two great locations in Johnsonville and Lower Hutt together under one name

– Black Gates Optometrists.

Black Gates Optometrists, are one of the most trusted Wellington optometrists.

Having provided eye tests, glasses and contact lenses to the people of the Wellington region for over 80 years, we are renowned for our high level of expertise.

Our professional optometrists and dispensing opticians aim to ensure you get the very best eye test services, advice, and eye care products such as glasses and contact lenses.

Eye test services

Booking an eye test with us is your first step to ensuring your vision is the best it can be.

Here at Black Gates Optometrists, we place great emphasis on providing friendly, comprehensive, eye tests that exactly meet your needs. Our optometrists keep up to date with the latest developments in vision care, and we have invested in several items specialist equipment to allow us to offer a full and detailed testing services.

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When it comes to choosing the right frames for your prescription glasses, Black Gates make it easy.

We have one of the largest selections of frames for glasses in the Wellington region, and we get new stock in daily. Come in and let our friendly qualified dispensing opticians and optical assistants assist you in finding a frame style and design that best complements you. Our team is fully equipped to clean, maintain, adjust, and repair most glasses and frame types. All our frames have a two-year warranty against manufacturing faults.

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We specialise in fitting contact lenses.

Our optometrists can fit and maintain all types of contacts including single use daily contact lenses, re-wearable contact lenses, continuous wear lenses, soft contact lenses, rigid contact lenses and specialty contact lenses. This includes hard contact lenses for keratoconus and abnormal corneas. We also offer coloured contact lenses if you like to try a new look, and TransitionsTM contact lenses that darken when you are in bright sunlight to provide glare protection.

We provide subsidised contact lens fittings for patients who qualify for a Ministry of Health subsidy.

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As well as eye tests, glasses and contact lenses, we offer advice on and treatments for, a wide range of eye conditions including myopia, dry eye treatments and spots, flashes, and floaters.

We also offer the Vivid Vision Virtual Reality therapy system as part of our treatment programme for conditions such as Amblyopia (Lazy Eye), Strabismus (Eye Turn), depth perception, suppression and more

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