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Enjoy the freedom of contact lenses

The first step towards wearing contact lenses is to make an appointment here at Black Gates Optometrists for an eye test with one of our optometrists.

Here we’ll assess the overall health of your eyes and test your vision. Then do some contact lens measurements and explain the various contact lens options. You’ll also get a good insight into wearing contact lenses instead of glasses, and which ones will be best suited to your lifestyle.

Fitting your contact lenses

Below you’ll see two instructional videos which will also help you with inserting and taking out your contact lenses.

The fitting of your lenses usually involves more than one appointment.  We want to be sure you are 100% happy with how comfortable they feel.

Our qualified optometrists will also check how well your eyes are tolerating the lenses. We’ll talk to you about your experience of wearing contact lenses and help resolve any ‘teething’ issues you might have.

Learning how to use your contact lenses

If you’ve never worn contact lenses before, it’s quite natural to feel a little nervous about using them. Don’t worry, our optometrists are here to help.

We’ll take time to carefully demonstrate how to insert and remove your lenses. How to handle them and take care of them, so you’ll feel confident right from the start.

Keeping in touch

It’s important that you enjoy the freedom of contact lenses without any problems. That’s why we always schedule a few free follow up appointments for you to come in and tell us how things are going.

To get started with contact lenses, simply book an appointment with one of our professional optometrists.