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DriveSafe Lenses
by Zeiss

Many people feel insecure, uncomfortable and stressed when driving. Especially in difficult light or weather conditions like rain and mist, or at dusk or night. Driving can be a real challenge for everybody, no matter how long the distance. Good vision is vital for safety and driving glasses can make a big difference.

ZEISS has developed an everyday lens which makes driving safer and more comfortable. The DriveSafe lens gives you better vision in low-light conditions and reducing glare at night. It also helps you refocus faster when you look from the road to the dashboard etc. Zeiss DriveSafe is available in Progressive and Normal single focus lens designs.

ZEISS DriveSafe lenses are a visual dream come true for many drivers.

  • You can wear DriveSafe lenses like normal glasses for the entire day. you will benefit from these features for a safe driving experience.
  • A more relaxed feeling when driving. Thanks to better vision in the challenging light conditions caused by low light or bad weather.
  • Reduced discomfort glare for drivers who are frequently irritated by oncoming car lights and the scattered light from street lamps.
  • For progressive lens wearers: optimum vision comfort when looking at the road, the dashboard, the rear-view mirror and the side mirrors.

For more information check out the Zeiss website or contact one of our friendly dispensers