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transition lenses

Everyone loves summer, except maybe our eyes!

In the summertime the difference in light between indoors and outdoors is most noticeable

In our increasingly busy lives, Transition™ lenses make life simpler – a hassle free way of having sunglasses around whenever you need them, without having to carry multiple pairs of glasses.

Transition™ Style Sapphire– one of our most popular new colours.

Traditionally Transitions™ have been grey, brown or graphite green, but they are also now available in four new style colours – emerald, green, sapphire, amethyst and amber. It’s also now possible to match your lenses to your frames, opening up a new world of fashion options.

The colours in the range are suitable for everyone, old or young. Many older people find the amber lenses particularly good as the colour enhances contrast and depth perception – a good safety feature.

Constantly adjusting to changing light and glare can cause eye strain and fatigue. Transition™ lenses automatically adapt to the changing light conditions, darkening outdoors and lightening indoors. They help your eyes to stay relaxed and comfortable all day long. Just like your skin needs sunblock, your eyes need to be protected from exposure to sun, UV rays and blue light. Transitions™ protect your eyes by blocking 100% of invisible UV rays.

At Black Gates Optometrists we’ve used Transition™ Signature lenses for decades and as the technology has improved so has the darkness of the lenses and the speed at which they change from light to dark and back again.

Many people mention to us they want the Transition™ lenses as sunglasses in the car. Transitions XTRAactive are the first lenses that activate behind the car windscreen. They are extra dark outdoors and inside retain a slight tint for extra glare protection. Great for those people who drive a lot and don’t want to be bothered with separate polarized sunglasses or a clip on.

Transitions™ Vantage has the best of all worlds –a lens that automatically polarises as it darkens outdoors, giving the best glare reduction outdoors. Available in limited lens options but a great combination of features.

There’s never been a better time to try Transitions™!

Anyone who wears glasses or sunglasses (with or without prescription) can wear Transitions™ lenses – we have options for every lifestyle and every age, from kids to adults and elderly.

If you’re not sure whether transitions are right for you, come and talk to one of our dispensing staff.  They’ll be able to show you the colours and features and advise what is best for your lifestyle.

We are here to help and are happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Is it time to see an optometrist? Contact either of our two Wellington Optometrist practices in Lower Hutt or Johnsonville to book an appointment with us.