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One United Name: Black Gates Optometrists

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We are proud to announce our two great locations in Johnsonville and Lower Hutt have now come together under one united name: Black Gates Optometrists.

In late 2020 we undertook a survey to gain feedback directly from our customers. While we were reassured our customers see us as “efficient”, “experienced”, “friendly”, and “helpful”, we also uncovered confusion over our name. Our customers referred to us as “Black Gates”, “Black Gates Meek & Dong”, “Calver” and “Total Eyecare”, among other names. This is not surprising, as these different names originated from our desire to recognise partners who have journeyed with us over the years, founding and shaping our identity. Our partners and our valued staff, have directly contributed to our success over the years and are the backbone of our services. Accordingly, we have had a number of names over the years.

As was expected, the survey results highlighted Johnsonville customers tended to use Calver, and Hutt customers used variants of Black Gates Meek & Dong. While our umbrella brand name, “Total Eyecare”, was first implemented in 2008 it hasn’t received widespread use by a large number of customers. This has been identified as confusing; and this confusion is growing with time as we provide eyecare for new customers.

Time to Modernise the Brand

This survey prompted us to rethink our brand and clarify this going forward and uniting all our partners and staff under the one name, “Black Gates Optometrists”; a name that people know and trust. We continue to provide full scope optometry as your total eyecare team, so we have proudly adopted this as our tag line.

We have also taken the opportunity to modernise our image, with a refreshed logo, new website and branding. We have updated our online booking portal as well, to make it easier for our customers to book with us online.

Our domain and email addresses will also change, although the old ones will stay live until October 2022.

We continue to invest in the latest developments, with leading edge eyecare technology and expertise at the forefront, so that our team continue to offer only the best care and attention to our customers of all ages across the Wellington region.

Thank you for coming on this journey with us. We look forward to seeing you again and welcome your feedback on our new branding.

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