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The rebrand of Black Gates Optometrist, Johnsonville

We are proud to have been providing eyecare in Johnsonville for over 40 years now, and are grateful for a strong and loyal customer base. We’d like to share some of our background and personal story behind recently rebranding the practice. It all started with a random conversation on a bus back in the early 2000’s …

The early days of the optometry practice

As many of you know, prior to the changeover, the original optometrist and owner of the Johnsonville practice was Lesley Calver. In the early days we had less technology and great eyecare depended more on excellent clinical skills.

Lesley was the utmost professional, with incredibly high professional standards. Her clinical excellence and her contact lens expertise eventually drew people from all around the Wellington region. The profession of optometry was evolving and the range of clinical techniques was expanding. Lesley embraced these changes and made it part of her brand.

A chance encounter

Greg Nel, at Black Gates Optometrists in the Hutt, first met Lesley on a bus heading up to a ski slope back in 2004; the two of them hit it off straight away and chatted all the way. Lesley’s practice provided eyecare that was uncompromisingly excellent and Greg had much in common.

Working together

This encounter eventually resulted in a lasting partnership between these two practices. Like-minded in their professional attitudes and the fact that the geographical locations of each practice were complimentary. Initially the two sites shared ideas and offered a few optometrists shared employment opportunities; working at the two locations.

Lesley’s retirement

Lesley’s plans to retire eventually led to a 5 year period of joint ownership. When they could no longer convince Lesley to delay her retirement her equity was eventually bought by Black Gates Optometrists.

The practice name was changed from Lesley Calver Optometrist to Calver Optometrists initially and we traded under that and the Total Eyecare banner until recently. The “Calver Optometrists” brand was kept for over 10 years after Lesley retired, to celebrate her contribution to the local optometry community.

Calver Optometrist Johnsonville

The Johnsonville practice today

While Lesley can’t be replaced our team does a fantastic job of continuing Lesley’s legacy in providing uncompromising quality eyecare. Keren, who is regularly at our Johnsonville practice and has worked there throughout our involvement in Johnsonville, has taken on many of Lesley’s clients and has added her own special touch. Claire Sayers, a Johnsonville local and very experienced and competent optometrist, is also working at Black Gates Optometrists in Johnsonville.

Today, Black Gates Johnsonville provides full scope therapeutic optometry including 3D imaging and myopia control, and diabetic retinal screening.

Rebranding the Johnsonville practice was a difficult decision to make however the need for more coherence between the two practices became increasingly obvious. Our two locations are actually one practice, with shared clinical records and many patients who cross over between the two sites.

Nothing has changed at Johnsonville except our name. We look forward to seeing you again soon.

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