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Contact Lenses: All Your Questions Answered

contact lenses

Everything You Need To Know About Contact Lenses

Many people prefer contact lenses over glasses. Other people have both in their toolkit, preferring one over the other for different occasions.

The Benefits of Contact Lenses

  • Contact lenses give you a wider view, including your peripheral vision (where frames can get in the way)
  • Contact lenses don’t get wet in the rain
  • They don’t fog up when you’re exercising
  • Contact lenses stay in place when you’re hot and sweaty (either from exercise or from the heat) and won’t slide off your face
  • They don’t date in photographs like some frames can, e.g. at weddings and other special occasions, you’ll always look fabulous in the photos
  • Face masks, protective goggles, welding masks etc., aren’t a problem for a contact lenses wearer
  • Contact lenses can also boost self-esteem, especially in children.

Frequently Asked Questions

While contact lenses offer a number of benefits, for various reasons, some people are hesitant about giving them a try, so we’ve put together a list of frequently asked questions to alleviate any fear and anxiety you might have – plus give you all the latest information.

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Can anyone wear contact lenses?

Most people can safely wear contact lenses.

If you suffer from dry eye syndrome, you may have previously heard you cannot wear contact lenses, however this may not be true. There is a wide range of contact lenses on the market, including daily contact lenses (Dailies). Some of these are even able to be worn by people with dry eyes.

Modern contact lenses are gas permeable, so even people with high prescriptions are able to wear them safely. They are specially made to allow oxygen to reach the eyes.

There are many contact lens designs that now correct astigmatism which used to be a limitation in the past. There are even multifocal contact lens designs for people over 50.

There really are no barriers. With disposable contact lenses (dailies or monthlies) it needn’t be an either/or choice anymore. Even though you may love wearing your glasses, you may prefer to wear contacts on certain occasions.

Are there any age limits to wearing contact lenses?

Dr Jeffrey Walline of Ohio State University has studied contact lens wear in 8-11 year olds and found they did at least as well as their adult counterparts. Maturity, personal hygiene and motivation are the important factors to consider if a young person wants to wear contact lenses.

As to an upper age limit, as long as the eyes are healthy and the person has no serious eye conditions, contact lenses should be able to be worn comfortably. Many people over 40 who develop problems seeing clearly at close distances (presbyopia) choose to wear contact lenses to correct these changes to their vision.

Are contact lenses easy to put in? I don’t like the idea of touching my eyes

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While it’s not natural to touch your eyes, with a little practice this becomes easier and starts to feel more normal. At Black Gates Optometrists we spend time to ensure you feel comfortable inserting and removing your contact lenses safely and we’ll answer any questions or concerns you have. We’ll also step you through how to properly take care of your contact lenses and look after your eye health. Like all things, with the right guidance and a little practice, you’ll become an expert contact lens wearer before you know it.

Watch the instruction video on how to fit contact lenses.

Can contact lenses get lost behind my eye?

No. Contact lenses will not move to the back of your eye because it is impossible due to the anatomy of the eye.

How long will it take to get used to wearing contact lenses?

Your cornea has far more nerve endings than your fingertips, making it extremely sensitive. It’s normal to be slightly aware of them when you first start wearing them. However, soft contact lenses are very thin and so well designed, you will hardly notice they are there after around 10-15 minutes. If your lenses are uncomfortable you may not be wearing the right ones.

Do contact lenses hurt?

No. If you are in an air-conditioned environment or spend all day at the computer, or don’t drink enough water, your eyes could become dry. Or you could have an inflammatory condition called ‘dry eye disease’, in which case you can still wear contact lenses (see above). You may benefit from eye drops and the brand of contact lens you are wearing is important.

If you are experiencing any discomfort or pain with your contact lenses, we strongly advise you discontinue use and see an optometrist.

Can I use my glasses prescription to order contact lenses?

As glasses and contact lenses sit on your eye differently, your prescription may differ from your contact lens prescription. See your optometrist to be sure you are getting the correct prescription and the correct contact lenses to best look after your eye health. Wearing the correct prescription is important for the best and most comfortable vision.

Talk to Our Optometrists today

If you have ever considered giving contact lenses a try, or are finding your contact lenses in any way uncomfortable, talk to us at Black Gates Optometrists. Today there are many different types of contact lenses available, including custom made lenses and your optometrist is best suited to evaluate your overall eye health and suitability for contact lenses. Book an eye test today with our optometrists in Lower Hutt or Johnsonville and get the most out of contact lenses tomorrow.