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Take Great Care Of Your New Glasses With These Top 5 Tips

new eye glasses

Congratulations on your new glasses. As optometrists, we know that proper care is essential to maintaining optimal eye health which includes keeping your new glasses in the best condition.

Proper care for your new glasses will ensure they last as long as possible.

1.  Use Mild Soap And Water, Or Product Supplied With Your Glasses

To clean your glasses, use a mild soap and water solution, or the product supplied with your glasses – which contains a degreasing agent. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners, which can contain ammonia and damage the lenses. Also never use hot or boiling water which can damage the lens coatings.

If you’ve been in the garage, workshop or garden, it can be better to clean your glasses under running water to remove dust or particle dirt to avoid grinding the dust into the lenses.

2.  Use a Microfibre Cloth

When cleaning your glasses, use a microfibre cloth to avoid scratches. Avoid using paper towels or other rough materials that can scratch the lenses. Wash your microfibre cloth weekly in your washing machine – just pop it in the wash with your other items.

3.  Store Your Glasses Properly

When not in use, store your glasses in a case to protect them from dust and dirt. Avoid leaving them in direct sunlight or hot environments, which can cause damage. Also, while it can be tempting to leave your glasses exposed on the nearest table or shelf, your case doubles nicely as good prevention from accidental damage and scratches.

4.  Avoid Touching The Lenses

Avoid touching the lenses with your fingers, as this can leave fingerprints and oils that can be difficult to remove. Instead, hold the glasses by the frames when putting them on and taking them off.

5.  Use Both Hands

When you are removing your glasses, avoid just using one hand and if you do use one hand, pull them forward, not sideways, to avoid stretching and stressing the frame.

Have you purchased your glasses from Black Gates Optometrists? Did you know we offer aftercare?

We stand by our products and offer a lifetime frame service warranty which covers the life of the frame. We are also happy to straighten and refit your glasses for you at no charge. At the same time, we can give your glasses an ultra sonic clean, which removes all the hidden dirt from makeup and skin grime that slowly builds up around nosepads and between the lenses and frames.

Just pop in to see us, or even better, arrange a time so we don’t have to keep you waiting.