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An Eye On Technology: Exploring Innovation

eye tests at optometrists

At Black Gates Optometrists, we combine cutting edge technology with the highest level of patient care to provide the best service to our clients.

By remaining at the forefront of emerging technological advances in eye care, we can consistently deliver the highest care to our patients. This is why at Black Gates Optometrists, we invest heavily in technology.

We’d like to invite you to take an inside look at some of our latest investments in the technology of primary eyecare.

Zeiss Forum

Imagine stepping into an optometrist’s world where advanced technology combines seamlessly with personalised care, providing you with a remarkably enhanced eye test experience. Zeiss Forum® 4.4 software is the latest innovation to transform the way we ensure your optimum eye health.

This eyecare revolution is the fusion of cutting edge technology and patient care. The Zeiss Forum® 4.4 captures incredibly detailed images of your eyes, revealing a comprehensive view of their inner workings. It’s like exploring the universe of your eyes in intricate detail, from the delicate retinal layers to the smallest blood vessels.

While we were able to do this before, the Zeiss Forum® 4.4 enables your optometrist to map your eye health over time with additional detail, giving us a more dynamic understanding of any changes that occur. Your eye care becomes more proactive, with any potential concerns detected earlier by your optometrist, allowing for more effective prevention and management.

The Myopia Master®

The Myopia Master®, which has been with us for two years now, has received the latest upgrades.

This piece of ocular biometry equipment is central to the early detection and management of myopia (short-sightedness). With the condition on the rise in this digital world, it is children who are becoming increasingly likely to develop myopia. Identifying short-sightedness early in children is crucial to slowing down its progression and so reducing long term risk of vision loss many decades in the future.

In New Zealand schools a routine eye test is conducted for children in year seven. However it’s important to note this test doesn’t cover all potential eye conditions, so myopia (short-sightedness) can be overlooked. At Black Gates Optometrists, we offer easy access to cutting-edge optometry equipment and comprehensive testing for your child which will automatically include screening for myopia as well as other eye conditions.

Zeiss Cirrus 6000 Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) Machine

Our powerful 3D scanner also received an upgrade this year, making it the top of the range.

OCT technology utilises light waves to create detailed, three-dimensional images of the retina, optic nerve, and other eye structures. This provides non invasive micro-anatomical insights into the microstructure of the front or the back of your eye. This gives our optometrists invaluable information for diagnosing and managing various eye conditions. Combine this with an industry leading normative database – and to put the results in clear perspective – we are well placed to make robust clinical decisions.

This cutting edge medical imaging device captures highly detailed, cross-sectional images of the eye’s internal structures, delivering high speed image capture (with 100,000 scans per second) and more accurate scans of the eye than ever before.

EIDON TruColor Widefield Confocal Scanner (iCare EIDON)

The iCare EIDON makes it possible for our imaging device to now see a lot more in one picture. iCare EIDON is an imaging device far superior to conventional retinal photography, providing enhanced image quality with increased sharpness and greater contrast, now fitted with an ultra-wide field camera. This is particularly critical in helping to improve detection, documentation, and monitoring of pathologies that could arise in the retina (of which there are many), facilitating improved and early diagnosis.

In our experience this device delivers an unparalleled combination of natural colour, image resolution and wide field imaging. We use this device for our Te Whatu Ora funded free diabetic retinal screening patients even though it far exceeds the minimum requirements.

Faster, with its fully automated operations, the iCare EIDON offers an improved user experience and added comfort to patients, with almost no need for pupil dilation.

We naturally still combine all the latest equipment with all the tried and tested techniques of traditional best practice optometry, including your favourite “steam punk” trial frame refraction for the most accurate results and a solid gold standard microscope examination.


The ability to combine information from multiple devices, from the latest technology, is critical for high performance optometry, in our opinion.

We invest in technology to provide greater care to our patients and provide our team with the best diagnostic and review platforms available. The earlier conditions are diagnosed, the better the management and outcome.

Is it time to see your optometrist?

If you are due an eye test, come and see us at our Johnsonville or Lower Hutt practice. We see people from all over Wellington and our team is great with children too. It’s easy to make an appointment with us at a time to suit you, and with an optometrist of your choosing with our easy online booking tool.