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Staff Pick Of The Month From Jane Pretorius

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Jane’s Pick:
Crystal Pink (or Nude) Spectacle Frames

Frames that are gaining in popularity right now as a unisex option, are crystal frames. These frames come in a range of shapes, colours and lens sizes. While Jane’s favourites (the Crystal Pink (or Nude) frames) are typically more popular with women, Jane says, don’t limit yourself. If you like them and they are a good fit and comfortable, then go for it.

William Morris glasses frames

Besides Crystal Pink (or Nude), crystal frames also come in sage, greys, blues, and a clear option. The Crystal Pink (or Nude) frames look fantastic with most complexions and you can pair them with anything, from a pair of slacks, or a nice suit, to more glamourous evening wear. The Crystal Pink (or Nude) frames are so versatile, you don’t need to worry about what clothes you wear with them at all, because these frames go with everything. And, if you don’t like your glasses to stand out too much and be too conspicuous, these frames tick that box too.

Tom Ford glasses frames

Manufacturers of crystal frames include Jimmy Choo – they offer a stunning collection, with a range of appealing shapes; ProDesign from Denmark (Jane’s most favourite designer of frames) and Cocoa Mint. ProDesign’s crystal frames are also great quality and they are hardy frames with beautiful designs. Cocoa Mint’s frames (from the UK) are more on the petite side. All three brands are excellent quality frames and Jane loves them all so much, she has a pair from each range as all the frames look slightly different.

ProDesign glasses frames

Have you met Jane yet?

Jane is a procurement specialist by trade and was also a teacher, before changing career and joining us at Black Gates Optometrists. She has been with our team for two years now and based at our Johnsonville practice since July this year. Jane is our Optical Assistant in Dispensing and she says the best thing about dispensing is helping customers find that frame that really ‘pops’ and seeing the look of happiness and confidence on our customers’ faces when they call back to collect their choice of frames.

See the crystal frames range in-store

At the time of writing (October 2023) we have Jimmy Choo, ProDesign and one or two other brands of Crystal Pinks currently available in-store at Johnsonville. Our Lower Hutt branch will also have their own range so please ask to see what’s available. While we regularly stock designer brands, please be aware the range and styles do change as new products come on the market.

Is it time to come and see us?

Book an appointment with your choice of optometrists at Johnsonville or Lower Hutt at the touch of a button, with our easy online booking system. We look forward to seeing you instore again soon and helping you to select the perfect pair of frames.