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Case Study: Overcoming Chronic Dry Eyes with Precision Care at Black Gates Optometrists

dry eye treatment
“Brilliant support for dry eyes!

I’ve suffered from dry eyes for many years now and its got to the point that I need to use drops nightly just to sleep through! I’m adding more and more to my eyes without really knowing if its the right product. When I found out that Blackgates offer specialist care in this area, I booked in for a consult.

Amy tested my eyes and then handed me onto Greg who showed me photos and a graph of what was and wasn’t working so well in my eyes. We replaced the Lutein- vision advanced vitamins with a supplement that support the production of tear film (which is my actual issue) and Greg recommended two further eye care products, specific to my issue. I am trying these over the next two weeks, then I’ll then go back and test again to see if there is an improvement. I’d highly recommend consulting with Blackgates before you spend any more money on dry eye support to ensure your doing the right thing for your eyes.”

– Jacqui Neilson, November 2023

Jacqui’s Struggle with Chronic Dry Eyes

Jacqui, in her 50s, endured the challenges of chronic dry eyes for many years. Seeking relief, she embarked on various medications, but her condition reached an extreme point where overnight her eyes would dry out to the point that opening them in the morning would cause extreme pain and had become a daunting task. The severity of Jacqui’s dry eyes led to sleepless nights, and a reliance on a greasy eye cream.

Initial Consultation at Black Gates Optometrists

In October 2023, Jacqui, familiar with Black Gates Optometrists from a professional context, decided to seek our expertise. Our advanced technology and comprehensive examination process immediately stood out to her. Through meticulous testing, our optometrists assessed Jacqui’s overall eye health, identifying specific areas affected by dryness.

Jacqui commended our optometrists thoroughness, stating, “They looked at my overall eye health and mapped out my eyes in detail, identifying areas where my eyes were dry. They were extremely thorough.”

Tailored Treatment Approach

Upon understanding Jacqui’s history and previous treatments, our optometrists tailored a precise plan to address Jacqui’s needs. We recommended specific vitamins designed to support dry eye conditions and medicated eye oils. Jacqui initially experienced watery eyes but diligently followed up with tour optometrists two weeks later, as instructed.

Refinement of Treatment: Identifying the Root Cause

Despite improvement, Jacqui still faced night-time discomfort. Through a meticulous process of elimination and careful examination, our optometrists identified a subtle yet crucial factor— one of Jacqui’s eyes wasn’t closing properly at night. The recommended adjustments included wearing an eye mask to bed and replacing the greasy eye cream with eye gel drops. This led to immediate improvement.

Sustained Relief and Enhanced Quality of Sleep

With the revised treatment plan, Jacqui noticed a significant reduction in irritation, allowing her to discontinue the use of the cream. Continuing with the prescribed vitamins and incorporating the eye mask into her routine, Jacqui experienced a remarkable improvement in both eye comfort and sleep quality.

Jacqui’s Endorsement: A Personalised and Effective Approach

Reflecting on her journey, Jacqui highly recommended Black Gates Optometrists to anyone dealing with dry eye issues. She emphasises the importance of seeking professional guidance over self-diagnosis and commends our professional and thorough care.

“Their care is really personalised, and they are very caring. It took just two visits to get a treatment that worked and I’ve saved a lot of money on unnecessary medications attempting to fix this myself, “ Jacqui attested.

Conclusion: Transformative Care at Black Gates Optometrists

Jacqui’s experience underscores the transformative impact of precise, personalised care by our optometrists. By addressing the root causes of her dry eye condition, we provided a tailored solution that significantly enhanced her quality of life. For anyone grappling with dry eye concerns, Jacqui’s advice is clear: seek professional guidance, get a proper plan, and experience the difference precision care can make.

If you have any discomfort with your eyes, come and see us. We have optometrists available in Lower Hutt and Johnsonville and it’s easy to book in with us online at a time to suit you. Choose your optometrist and location here. We look forward to seeing you.