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Seeing Clearly: Navigating Myopia and the Importance of Back-to-School Eye Checks

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With the increased prevalence of shortsightedness (myopia) among young school students, there is growing evidence of the importance of incorporating regular eye checks into the back-to-school routine.

In the hustle and bustle of preparing for the new school year, many parents focus on obtaining school supplies, updating wardrobes, and ensuring their children are mentally prepared for the academic challenges ahead. One crucial aspect that needs to be included is the health of their eyes.

Understanding Myopia and its Challenges

Myopia, commonly known as short-sightedness, is a condition where distant objects appear blurry, while close objects can be seen clearly. This eye condition has become increasingly prevalent among school-aged children. Today, children are developing myopia as young as four years of age.

The rise of myopia is often attributed to factors such as excessive screen time, lack of outdoor activities, and genetic predisposition. The total eyecare team at Black Gates Optometrists believe that treating myopia requires a tailored approach, considering factors like prescription strength, type of lenses, medication, lifestyle and personal preferences to treatment options.

The Impact of Myopia on Learning

Clear vision is crucial for academic success, as students rely heavily on their eyes to absorb information from textbooks, whiteboards, and screens. Untreated myopia can lead to a variety of challenges in the classroom, including difficulty seeing the board, eye strain, headaches, and a decline in overall academic performance. Recognising these challenges early on is essential for providing necessary support to students.

Importance of Back-to-School Eye Checks

Incorporating routine eye checks into the back-to-school checklist can help identify vision issues before they significantly impact a child’s academic performance. Eye checks at Black Gates Optometrists go beyond reading letters on a chart; we assess the overall health of the eyes, detect refractive errors like myopia, and identify any other potential issues that may require intervention.

Regular eye checks are particularly important for students who already wear glasses or contact lenses. Vision needs can change over time, and an updated prescription ensures students can see clearly and comfortably in the classroom environment.

Tips for Parents

  1. Schedule Regular Eye Tests: Ensure your child receives a comprehensive eye exam at least once a year.
  2. Encourage Outdoor Activities: Spending time outdoors has been linked to a reduced risk of developing myopia. Encourage your child to engage in outdoor activities regularly.
  3. Limit Screen Time: Set reasonable limits on screen time to reduce eye strain and fatigue.
  4. Educate About Eye Health: Teach your child about the importance of taking breaks during screen time and maintaining good eye hygiene.

Start the New Year with Confidence

As parents gear up for another school year, prioritising eye health should be an integral part of the back-to-school routine. Recognising the signs of myopia and scheduling regular eye checks can make a significant difference in a child’s academic success and overall well-being. By fostering a proactive approach to eye care, parents can empower their children to see the world clearly and tackle the school year with confidence.

Consultation for Personalised Solutions

No two children with myopia are exactly alike, and neither should their treatment be. The team at Black Gates Optometrists knows how important personalised consultations are to determine the most suitable treatment option for each individual. We take the time to ensure the proposed treatment plan aligns with lifestyle, preferences and the specific needs of each child.

Plus, among our broad range of frames we have frames that can handle the most brutal treatment, designed with children in mind.

Half Price Offer on Essilor and Hoya Lenses

Not all lenses are created equally and Essilor and Hoya lenses are among the best for helping to slow the progression of myopia in children – by up to 67%.

Purchase Essilor or Hoya lenses from us and get another pair at 50% of the full price.

Why two pairs? If you have a child prone to losing things, or if one pair is lost or damaged, they have another as an emergency back-up. Other children might need a different prescription for different activities (e.g. one pair for reading and homework/screen time and another for distance vision). Plus, with two different pairs of frames, your child has two different style options to choose from (particularly relevant for older children).

Discuss all your options with us and find out if our special deal on lenses is right for you when your child comes to see us for an eye test. We understand that Christmas and back to school time is an expensive time for parents, so we also offer Laybuy (at Black Gates Optometrists Lower Hutt and Johnsonville) and accept Gem Visa at Lower Hutt. We also offer 10% off frames and lenses for students all year round at both practices.

It’s easy to book an appointment online with our optometrists at Johnsonville or Lower Hutt. Just head to our bookings page and pick a time and day to suit.

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Best eye fanglers I've ever been to, don't go anywhere else, particularly the cheapies!
Ian Hendra
Ian Hendra
Had a wonderful experience at Black Gates Optometrists. They made the process feel easy and fun. My Optometrist walked me through each of the tests and explained her findings as I went and then handed me over to a frames technician who helped me pick a perfect (cost effective) pair of frames and lenses. Would highly recommend.
Megan Diment
Megan Diment
Brilliant support for dry eyes! I've suffered from dry eyes for many years now and its got to the point that I need to use drops nightly just to sleep through! I'm adding more and more to my eyes without really knowing if its the right product. When I found out that Blackgates offer specialist care in this area, I booked in for a consult. Amy tested my eyes and then handed me onto Greg who showed me photos and a graph of what was and wasn't working so well in my eyes. We replaced the Lutein- vision advanced vitamins with a supplement that support the production of tear film ( which is my actual issue) and Greg recommended two further eye care products, specific to my issue. I am trying these over the next two weeks, then I'll then go back and test again to see if there is an improvement. I'd highly recommend consulting with Blackgates before you spend any more money on dry eye support to ensure your doing the right thing for your eyes.
Jacqui Neilson
Jacqui Neilson
Receptionists are welcoming and Greg is a knowledgeable, thorough and caring optometrist who is evidently passionate about eyes. Thank you.
Toby Kepes
Toby Kepes
I was really impressed with the service and help Sita Thakersi gave me on my recent eye test visit. She really knew her stuff and provided some complimentary contact lenses to try, which have really helped improve my vision. I'm happy to recommend Sita to anyone.
Steve Roughan
Steve Roughan
Great for kids. Assessment goes way beyond what Specsavers does.
Amanda Waijers
Amanda Waijers
Ramanpreet Kaur
Ramanpreet Kaur